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Intuition Cards, Basic Pack

Digital Reference Manual included

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Intuition is an innate ability that we all have that provides us with a connection to information that isn't driven by our analytical mind. It is more commonly known as a gut feeling or instinct. The Mindtation Intuition Cards have been specifically designed to assist you in developing your intuition. You can use them creatively as a brainstorming tool, use them in group settings to stimulate ideas and discussions, with friends to explore questions, or during your own personal time to develop more of your natural ability. Your deck comes with a beautiful, soft canvas bag with drawstring closure and a digital reference guide accessible through a download link provided to you in your confirmation email.


Product details:

  • 1   Intuition Card deck
  • Canvas Pouch:   Soft canvas bag with drawstring closure.
  • Intuition Reference Manual:   Step-by-step instructions provided as a free digital download. Look for the download link located in your confirmation email.