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Intuition Cards, Standard Pack

Reference Manual included

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Specially crafted cards guide you through learning to use your intuition. Lead an activity at a work meeting, a friendly gathering, or during personal meditation and learn to recognize your intuition. The Standard Pack contains a hand-made, Cherry wood card holder, a printed reference manual and a quality, soft burlap, durable drawstring pouch. 


Product details:

  • 1 Intuition Cards deck
  • Standard Engraved Card Stand: Made with beautiful Cherry wood with Mindtation's logo laser engraved to display your intuition cards. Hand-crafted by Colors of the Wood of Northville, Michigan.
  • Standard Card Pouch: Durable, soft canvas bag with drawstring enclosure. 
  • Mindtation Intuition Card Reference Guide: Step-by-step instruction guide provides you with a history of the development of the cards as well as a reference guide for their use.